A Thai foot massage for your well-being

The reflex zones of foot massage and their connection to the whole body.

The Thai foot massage

A Thai foot massage is aimed at stimulating certain pressure points of the feet. These pressure points have an effect on the entire body and positively influence the well-being. The feet are a direct access to the internal organs and through these reflex zones can be stimulated beneficial.

The reflex zones of the feet

The reflex zones of the feet can be assigned to specific body regions and internal organs. If the feet are massaged, then the reflex zones send direct impulses and signals through the body to organs to be stimulated. A connection is established between the organ and the reflex zone in the foot. Through targeted touches through a massage on the skin surface of the feet, pain-relieving and also healing effects can be achieved. The well-being is positively influenced.

Reflexones of the feet in Thai foot massage

Massage of the zones on the foot

The different zones of the foot are stimulated by applying pressure and stretching techniques to achieve the desired effects. To call this technique just a foot massage would not be so accurate, because through the meridians connections are established with the inner part of the body to relieve pain, remove blockages and relieve tension.

In the Thai foot massage, the back of the foot, the soles and the heels are massaged with strong pressure movements and gentle stretches. Here, the applied grips may well cause pain – not only on the foot, but also in the connected parts of the body, which react to the massage with relaxation after the treatment.

How does a Thai foot massage help?

The Thai method of foot massage works beyond the area of the foot surface. The reflex zones of the feet are connected with other areas of the body, mainly the internal organs. T

hus, this massage is considered an effective and proven method for localizing and eliminating deep-seated causes of discomfort and pain. As with other massages, blood circulation and cardiovascular system are stimulated. Not only in the feet, but in the whole body.

A Thai massage at Siam Thai 95 is soothing and relaxing

Preventive for your relaxation and to strengthen body and mind for everyday life at work and family. This time out acts like a small vacation and you can dedicate yourself to upcoming tasks fresh and relaxed. We help you to find your balance. And if it should tweak somewhere, then we free your body from pressure, stress and pain with our Thai massage.
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